Make this ONE addition to your diet and your body will thank you!

You’ve heard it a million times:  You NEED to eat more vegetables.  The messages started to hit you when you were young and first learning about the food pyramid.  To this day, you are still trying to find innovative ways to incorporate these seemingly important foods into your diet.  But why is it such a big deal?  And who knew it was so hard to swap out your usual snack time bag of chips for a baggie of chopped up vegetables?!  We at Grassroots Salad Company are here to help, yet again.  Let us tell you why they’re so important! (And how to make it interesting!)

The USDA’s Dietary Guidelines tell us that we should be eating between 5 and 13 servings of vegetables, depending on our age, gender, and amount of exercise we usually get.  To some, this may seem like a crazy amount!  But the benefits of these bright and colorful foods are truly endless.  For example, eating the recommended amount of veggies can significantly reduce your risk of developing many diseases.  It can even aid in preventing an early death.  Not to mention, the vital amounts of nutrients that these food groups can provide will certainly make an impact on your daily physical and mental well-being.

But how can we incorporate vegetables into our diet in an interesting and delicious way?

By having a SALAD, of course!

We’re not talking about a boring bowl of lettuce and a dollop of dressing, though.  At Grassroots, we have 5 expertly crafted specialty salads that will get your taste buds going.  On top of that, we have 14 different ways to dress your salad!  Vegetables are boring no more!  Mouthwatering combinations of greens and toppings will put an excellent dent in that recommended amount of veggies you’re supposed to eat during the day!

Want to get even more creative with your salad?  We always have the option of creating your own custom salad.  Choose your greens, veggies, cheese, fruits, crunch, proteins, and dressing and you have a personalized way to conquer those vegetable goals that you should be meeting for the day!  Salads are super convenient way to work in the nutrients necessary to make your body run like a well-oiled machine.

So come over and eat your way to a healthier lifestyle at our Grassroots Salad Bar!