Farm to Table… But Why?

You’ve probably heard the buzzwords “farm to table” associated with many of the restaurants popping up in your area.  In fact, many of our ingredients at Grassroots Salad Company fall under this category.  The term seems simple enough, but what are we really referring to when using these words?  Doesn’t it go without saying that the veggies served to your table at dinner came from some farm…somewhere?  Not so simple!  Dig a little deeper and you’ll find the true meaning of the phrase “farm to table.”

Farm to table is actually a social movement!  It promotes serving locally sourced foods at restaurants and school cafeterias.  It’s all about knowing where your food comes from.  When your food comes from a farm in the area, it is likely fresher.  That’s because it didn’t have to trek cross-country before ending up in your mouth.  With freshness comes the best taste!  Since it’s coming right from the farm, it doesn’t have to sit at the supermarket, wasting its precious freshness and deliciousness!

Many of our ingredients at Grassroots come straight from the farm to our counter.  You can order that Kriti salad on our menu knowing that the feta cheese is sourced from Wisconsin!

Not only does farm to table benefit our taste buds, but also the farmers who provide us with our goods!  With farm to table, we can bypass the middleman and support our local economy.  The individual farmers are able to earn more of the profit of the goods than they would if they were selling to a market.  By purchasing locally, we are pumping money right back into our local businesses.

Finally, farm to table is certainly a step in the right direction for environmental sustainability.  The food from our local farms is traveling a minimal distance to end up at the restaurants that are serving it up.  In the process, less diesel fuel is used than if that same vegetable or animal product was coming from another part of the country.   With farm to table, we are making less of an impact on our environment.  The supply chain is shorter and we can reduce the amount of shipping and emissions that are part of the process of putting food on our tables.

With that said, we will continue to provide you with a farm to table experience as often as possible at Grassroots!