Avocados are Absolutely Awesome! But why?

I know you’ve probably heard the news about avocados – that you need to eat more of them.  But do you know exactly why?  Are you blindly throwing avocados into your daily diet without a real sense of purpose?  That’s okay, at Grassroots Salad Company we’re here to help!

Really, I promise we’re actually here to help.  If you order avocado on your salad at Grassroots, you will get more than a few measly slivers.  In fact, you’ll get a whole half!  That’s a lot of avocado.

Here’s the part where we tell you exactly why avocado is such a big deal!  You probably know that they’re full of healthy fat.  But more specifically, what can those healthy fats do for your body?  There are a variety of different areas of your life that could be significantly improved with the addition of avocado to your meals.  Not only that, but the avocado can also help aid in the prevention of certain diseases.

Digestion: That half of an avocado that we’ll toss into your salad contains 4 grams of fiber.  Fiber is extra important when it comes to digestion.  That’s because it helps the food you eat to move more quickly through your intestines.  It also is going to absorb water to help prevent constipation.

Detoxification: Avocados are high in the antioxidant gluthathione.  Gluthathione plays an important role in the way that your body eliminates toxins.  Although many foods contain gluthathione, avocados are one of the foods that contain the most. Of course, this is when it is consumed raw, for instance, on top of your salad!

Depression:  The avocado contains lots of Omega-3s, which helps regulate our brain’s neurotransmitters!  It fights off inflammation, which can lead to symptoms of depression.  Avocados contain that healthy fat which will assist your brain in its efforts to run as smoothly as possible.

Heart Health:  Here’s that heathy fat thing again…but here’s why it’s necessary!  Healthy monosaturated fat can really aid in the lowering of blood cholesterol.  This can decrease your risk for heart disease!

Cancer:  There’s actually a lipid in avocados (and other cancer treatments) that attacks cancer cells and leaves all the healthy cells to go on their merry way.  It’s also a carotenoid-rich food, which can inhibit the growth of certain other types of cancer cells.