At the Grassroots Juice Bar – Dissecting Strawberry Bliss!

Thanks for joining us back at the Grassroots juice bar for our fourth and final installment of this series!  We hope you have enjoyed dissecting each one of our juices and recognizing the crazy (and delicious) benefits of each of the ingredients we include.  Each one of our juices impacts your body in a different way.  Whether you’re looking for a way to boost your immunity, to give your skin that much-desired glow, to get rid of the toxins in your body, or to decrease your stress levels, we have a juice for you.  Freshly squeezed and made to order, you’ve come to the right place for a wholesome and nutritious beverage.

This time around, we are going to place our focus on Strawberry Bliss.  Not only is the combination of strawberry, banana, and orange juice positively delicious, it’s also extremely good for your mental well-being.  Think of having a glass of our Strawberry Bliss like having a glass of brain food!  In their own ways, these fruits have a positive impact on your nervous system and cognitive function.  Read on to find out the benefits of each of the fruits in Strawberry Bliss!

Strawberry:  The namesake of this juice, strawberries are known for being rich in iodine.  Iodine is a hugely helpful to healthy function of the nervous system and that brain of yours!  They also contain potassium which promotes blood flow to the brain.  Your concentration and memory skills will consequently increase.

Orange Juice:  You are probably well aware that orange juice contains lots of Vitamin C.  But why is that such a big deal?  Well, when you’re stressed, your body is creating cortisol.  Vitamin C lowers your cortisol levels and also your blood pressure.  Brain bliss!

Banana:  There are amino acids in bananas that can actually help regulate your mood.  How cool is that?  Simply eating 12 milligrams (the amount in a large banana) can help your body create neurotransmitters that will lessen feelings of stress and help you to stay calm.  It’s a pretty zen fruit.

Again, thanks for joining us during this series of dissecting the juices at the Grassroots juice bar.  We hope you stop by to try each of them yourself!  Your body will thank you.