At the Grassroots Juice Bar – Dissecting Green Power!

Welcome back for another installment of this series where we will be taking the time to dissect one of our juices each month!  If you’ve been to the juice bar here at Grassroots Salad Company, you’ll notice that we offer a variety of juices that each benefit your body in a different way.  It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for some help beating that common cold, giving you an extra energy boost after your lunch hour, or cleansing your body of toxins.  We’ll have something for you!  Freshly squeezed and made to order, you’ve come to the right place for a wholesome and nutritious beverage.

Today we’re going to give a shoutout to Green Power  – the perfect choice if you’re in need of an extra energy kick!  With fresh apple juice and blended kale, spinach, and pineapple, this juice will give you just what you need if you’re feeling a little less than lively.  What makes this mixture of ingredients so powerful?  Read on for the awesome benefits of this power juice!

Apple Juice:  This juice in itself is packed with all the vitamins you’ll need to put some pep in your step.  It’s especially amazing to consume after a good workout.  Your body can use those vitamins to restore your energy and give you a boost for the rest of the day.  Some argue that apple juice can give you more energy than coffee!  It’ll help keep your body going with the carbs and calories it provides.

Kale:  Special amino acids in kale can do wonders for your brain.  Let the kale do its job and you’ll be able to focus more easily throughout the day!  It’s one of those lovely superfoods and is absolutely PACKED with vitamins and minerals.

Spinach:  Popeye obviously knew what he was doing eating all that spinach!  Spinach provides your body with the much-needed iron your body needs.  It’s also rich in folate, which can help prevent fatigue.  Some even say that it could help your muscles work better during exercise!

Pineapple:  Lots of carbs are necessary to fuel you throughout the day, especially through workouts!  They are your body’s main source of energy.  Luckily, pineapple has you covered.  Pineapple’s carbs come to you mostly in the form of simple sugars, which is awesome since those are most easily metabolized.

Stay tuned for next time we dissect another one of our juices at Grassroots!